In a NATIONAL Magazine!

I received a phone call from the 'First for Women' magazine!!!!!!
They are writing an article regarding TMJ disorders and I was contacted by them to share my own personal story/battle with it!
I am SO excited to see this misunderstood disorder get the national attention it deserves. I know it will help so many people regain their active lifestyles back!
I will be sure to let you know when you should look for it as you cash out at the grocery store!

Life is FABULOUS!!!

At the moment, Douglas and I took a chance. The chance was always in our minds and we continually put it off thinking it would never come to fruition.

I am proud to say - IT HAS!!! We took a leap of faith and dreams are coming true.

For the first time in 4 years- life is absolutely FABULOUS!

Everyone had their doubts, tried to hold us back by instilling the fear of negativity in our minds BUT with our love, devotion, the longing for a more exciting/productive life AND the pull from one amazing friend, we took the leap AND I am proud to say........it was all worth it.

The past 4 years of our life has been full of up hill battles, starting with enduring 2 near-fatal car crashes within 11 months and the extensive rehab that it put us through. All because 2 other drivers made a destructive decision behind the wheel, our life, as we knew it at the time was ripped from us. We lost everything but our love and my life.

You see, at the age of 22, the last thing on our minds was 'disability insurance.' The worst part is that I was a Financial Planner & Life Insurance Agent!! Therefore, I did know they existed BUT I only took out a life insurance policy. I never knew I WOULD need a 'disability insurance' policy. Well, without it, we LOST everything and for 4 continuous years, we survived an uphill battle.

But that is all okay!!! You see, it is the law of averages. So much negative has continually occurred that it is only part of the law of averages for GOOD to now take place.

That is exactly what has happened. In one week, I have watched so many incredible and life changing events occur in our lives and these are events that will remain in our lives forever.

I am at the point in my life where I am allowing things to fall into place. No matter how badly I long for these events to happen, such as getting the job that I want, I can not sit here and hope for it. I believe that if it is meant to be a part of my life, then it will be. If it is not meant to be a part of my story called 'life,' then it really wont happen. So no matter how much I worry or get nervous, there is no point to sweat it!

With that in mind, I have watched so much fall into place that it is kind of scary....LOL....

Thank you to Elana for your belief in my abilities. I enjoyed my conversation and my time at your facilities today.

This new chapter of our life is and will remain incredible....no one can take that away from us.

If you have a dream, hold to it tightly because only you can make it come true. Some times we want things but they are at the wrong times. When the right time occurs, your dream will happen. Therefore, enjoy your ride through life. It only happens once and any of the hard times will turn good. When you have surpassed the valleys, you'll be a top the peaks looking down and remembering the valley's...which you will call "the good 'ol times."