Personal Training - DAY 1

Today was the first day of my personal training and IT FELT GREAT!

I have always belonged to a gym but I have to say that with the outrageous schedule I have & the annual cycle of TMJD pain - It quickly becomes the bottom of the daily list, eventually never coming to fruition.

First and foremost, I sustained some harsh injuries which left me with a lifetime of cyclic pain. The cycles usually last 3 months each year and cause me to basically fall off the face of the earth. It is my TMJ disorder and any physical movement such as chewing, smiling, swallowing, talking, yawning, brushing my teeth and so on cause a cycle of pain that lays me up the full 3 mos.

THEN...when the cycle ends, I am so busy trying to straighten up my life that was put on hold for the past 3 mos. AND I am so weak that any exercise is not a possibility. 6 mos. later, I end up ready to train and I have to start VERY slowly..........taking it to 10 months later when I am finally able to bust out a FULL training schedule.

It has now been 4 years of this and let me tell you that every time, the pain is so bad I feel like I am going to die. I also feel myself age a good 10 years....this 4th year of it was the hardest to overcome and every time I look in the mirror, I do NOT recognize myself....

I have always incorporated fitness into my lifestyle but over the past year, I dove into traffic safety and became consumed in this topic and my mission. In the end, I forgot about myself and the importance of balance in our lives. I found out it was not just seat belt awareness. The larger picture is that we have a society of UN-educated drivers. On a daily basis people are given a license to operate a 3,000 lb weapon (vehicle) with only 20 hours of experience!
Society places an enormous emphasis on education but has failed to realize the significance of driver education. With that failure has come the alarming statistics. The cure is simple yet crucial, education. We do not have one national organization that is dedicated to re-inventing this simple, yet extensive program back into America's life. That is what I am doing. Every waking hour.

I have been truly caught up in it until I had to go clothing shopping and this happened. The woman at New York & Company asked, "you need that in a size 0 or 2?" and I replied, "no - a 4 " she replied "Oh wow, you've graduated!" THAT'S when the light went on!!

Therefore, I left the gym. I am no longer a member. I have joined forces with a personal training facility. Dave is the trainer to many Buffalo Sports Personalities, other trainers, competitors..he trains the owners of other gyms as well.

I am his first "beauty queen." LOL... I say beauty queen because that was what I had to break it down to while explaining what the national competition is this November.

My muscles were burning and I swear I was going to lose my breakfast...LOL...What an awesome feeling. I even passed up my daily cup of coffee.

This was my reminder that exercise is just a crucial part of who we are. We need to stay fit, lean and in shape and it is NOT about what the scale reads! It is about Preventing diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer,heart disease and so on. When God created us, I am sure that he never intended us to consume Chicken Wings, Chicken Finger Subs, Pizza, Doritos, chip dip, "super" size meal deals, dairy queen, Chessecake, candy bars and all that other fun stuff.

This is all part of keeping the complex human body balanced.
I am so excited to show my results in one month. I'll be even more excited when I can go back to NY&CO. and tell her I no longer in that graduated classification..LOL...


DeLacy Ford SuperCruise Night - July 17th

Today was the annual "DeLacy Ford Super Cruise Night." I can't begin this blog without saying that I honestly LOVE my family at DeLacy Ford. God has truly, blessed me in every which way when he brought me into that dealership.

DeLacy Ford is and always has been family owned. They LOVE their community, they love to have fun and in the end I believe that is what makes them as successful as they are.

Upon arriving, I stopped for the super necessary Starbucks run. I pulled in to see hundreds of beautiful classic cars and smiles on everyone's faces.

I sat in the air conditioned conference room with Al's family and had dinner. (Al is the General Manager @ DeLacy.) For dinner we had coleslaw, potato salad and steak provided by kroelics BBQ and it was DELICIOUS!

Then we made our way out to the crowd. It was a HOT and HUMID day but it was full of FUN and excitement.

I walked around, took pictures, said hello to anyone and everyone. Took pictures in people's classic cars, danced with the little kids, signed tons of autographs and gave out seat belt pens.

ALSO, the NYS Troopers were on hand with the popular "roll-over" device. That is so awesome! The kids and adults both loved it. First we showed what it looked like with the dummy buckled in, then we showed what it looked like with the dummy NOT buckled in. That is when they were able to see what an ejection is and how important a seat belt truly is.

THANK YOU to everyone that approached me and shared their very own personal story of how they lost a loved one in a car crash and had that loved one been wearing a seat belt, they'd still be alive. I know that it was hard for all of you to tell me those personal stories BUT you reminded me of just how significant my fight against the blood shed on the roadways truly is. God Bless you and I wish you and your families peace.

Terry Buchwald was on his stage belting out his fantastic music, Elmo, Dora and sponge bob were also making their way through the crowd.

I left there asking why it had to end as I love everything I do with DeLacy and I guess I am just getting sad that my year with them is starting to wrap up ( I have 4 months left, unless of course I won the national title). They have become and will always be considered family to me.

Peter DeLacy, Jim DeLacy, Jim DeLacy Jr. and Al, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for our community! These so called "Giant" dealerships pale in comparison . You have that "IT" factor or should I say that "REAL" factor! Love you guys!


Judging the Miss Teen and Queen Canal Festival Pageant

Today I had the exciting opportunity to judge 22 young ladies in the interview portion of the Miss Canal Festival Pageant - Teen & Queen Category.
I heard everything from these young ladies!!
One 16 year old explained herself as "weird. " Although I was reluctant to ask her to give an example of "weird" --- I DID! She laughed and explained that she burps everywhere and anywhere, is loud and obnoxious! She left us judges laughing and we def. enjoyed our time with her!
Then I had another gal - 16, explain that the reason she wants to become an occupational therapist is due to the fact that she was born with such bad pigeon toe that her brother actually had to carry her around, including at a trip to Disney World. Her family eventually found the right therapists who were actually able to gift her the ability to walk. The passion that this young girl had in her heart to give back and help others was overwhelming! She brought tears to my eyes.
Two other contestants that shocked me -
-The gal who travels to 3rd world countries to deliver things that we take for granted here in America (including the grocery store plastic bags that they build their homes with) and she described this experience as life changing.
-Another gal who donates her time to the homeless shelters and actually spent the night in a cardboard box with the homeless! She explained that serving them dinner of rice & beans is like serving them Thanksgiving dinner and through it she learned a greater appreciation for life and what she has!
I mean, these kids were outstanding and they all deserve to hold this crown. Unfortunately, only one can walk away with the crown tomorrow night but I have to honestly say, each and everyone of these gals already has a crown.
When I look back at the age of 16, I was working 2 jobs and trying to figure out how to instantly become 21. I was never introduced to the idea of "volunteer work" and that is why I think it is a phenomenal idea that the schools are now requiring volunteerism as part of graduation credits. I am so proud to hear that these young ladies are living for today and experiencing life in the ways they have because they are going to grow into outstanding woman.

I look forward to tomorrow night's final portion of the pageant and can't wait to see who becomes this years teen and queen Miss Canal Festival.

Lastly, I do have to say, this was a difficult task. My brain injury has been giving me such an incredibly difficult time lately and everyday I have to just fight against it. Today was an arduous task as I attempted to fight it during these interviews!!! This is when I have to realize that speech therapy is necessary yet again. How frustrating BUT considering I beat death, I will take these set backs every year to still be alive like I am.


Kevin Everett Golf Classic - What an Honor it was!

Pictured here with Kevin Everett's wife, Wiande


2 of the most humid days of the year here in Buffalo, NY! How do southerners do it? LOL..

I had the honor to be a part of something incredible. The "Kevin Everett Golf Classic".
A two day event to raise funds for the spinal cord injury foundation that Kevin Everett founded after his initially paralyzing collision on the football field.
Kevin is truly an incredible human being who's triumph proves that the human spirit is stronger than we may ever know! A once paralyzed player now walks with a mission and purpose to help and guide others.

During his rehab, he realized how expensive this injury is and decided to start a foundation to help those in need. You see, his funds are not going to be spent on research. His funds are going to be spent to help those with the injury right now! Those who need that wheelchair, ramp on their home, the wheelchair vans and the list goes on and on.

When sustaining an injury, our lives are turned upside down and we are left to fight against all odds. I know this all too personally from my own 2 car crashes! Unfortunately, when we endure something like this, the monetary end of it places such an overwhelming amount of stress that it will take away from our mental ability to fight back. Thanks to Mr. Kevin Everett, he is going to help those families in need, he will help take that financial stress off and also share his story of inspiration to truly motivate others mentally in overcoming this disability! Kevin is a gift to others and I only wish that I had someone like this enter my life while trying to overcome such a tremendous tragedy as that 2nd brain injury!

(My experience at the fundraiser is below the explanation of Kevin's Story)

Who is Kevin Everett, #85??
Kevin is a young man who played in the NFL. Drafted by the Buffalo Bills, Kevin played for approx. 1 year when the unthinkable happened. Out on the field, the tight-end collided heads with Denver Broncos Hixon and his body became paralyzed in front of a live crowd of 75,000 + AND millions via Live TV. The ever popular "thumbs up" was not an option for Kevin and millions shed tears as they watched the taillights of the ambulance take his paralyzed body away.

Kevin now walks! With the fight of his strong human spirit, his continual belief in the Lord above and the power of his family surrounding him, he is now here as the founder of the Kevin Everett Spinal Cord Injury Foundation!

Born in 82 from TX, graduated from Florida U, Drafted by the NFL in 2005, September 2007 (wk. 1 of the season) Kevin becomes paralyzed- an injury that would change his life and his families life forever!
DR. CAPPUCCINO DESCRIBED: the injury to Everett's spinal cord as a "scissoring" or "pinching" injury caused by dislocation of the third and fourth cervical vertebrae. Cappuccino originally stated that he believed Everett would sustain "permanent" neurological damage and used terms such as "bleak" and "dismal"; terms to describe the outlook for a case he frankly described as "life-threatening" and giving Everett less than a 5-10% chance of regaining full utilization of his physical capabilities.

THE GOLF CLASSIC AND 12th Man Tailgate /BBQ:

When the 1st day of the the event arrived, it was the 12th Man Tailgate and BBQ. Doug and I both attended and had a phenomenal time! We arrived at 3:30 pm and began the day by greeting guests at the entrance. We then traveled the country club to view the hundreds of auction/raffle items, which I may add were amazing! I wanted them all! The bbq was delicious and so was Perry's Ice Cream..LOL..

Then we were able to mingle and that was another great experience.

We met and enjoyed the company of:

  • Jon Dorenbos -- Current Eagles and Former Bills Long-Snapper & "Magician to the NFL" Jon was so FUN! What an outgoing and down to earth guy. He had Doug and I cracking up and his Magic is truly outstanding! This is a guy that you just say, wow, I'd love to stay friends with that guy! I was given the opportunity to call the LIVE Auction with Jon and be a participant in his magic.
  • Butch Roll --Former Buffalo Bill Tight End. He was so nice! It was funny b/c I was putting my my make up and crown on and Butch approaches me asking if he could take a photo with me. He was like, I have never met a beauty queen before! LOL...how cute!
  • AJ Verel -- Pro Martial Arts Hall of Fame & actor. AJ and his date were so so sweet and I truly enjoyed meeting them! So down to earth and sweet.
  • "Baby" Joe Mesi - Former Heavyweight Boxer, Current NY Senate Candidate. We have been friends with Joe for at least 4 years now. He is one of the most down to earth, relaxed and goal oriented individuals I have met. It was great to run into Joe and Michelle at the event!
  • Mayor Byron Brown - Another person that Doug and I are very familiar with outside of the fundraiser
  • Kevin Everett's mother (Patricia) and his sisters-- His mother is full of life! I love this woman! She approached me saying she needed a picture with me for her wall of fame!!!
There were so many other individuals at this function but the above are the ones we spent the most time with.

DAY 2- The Golf Classic

Upon arriving, Kevin's mother (patricia) and sisters were getting out of their shuttle. I said hello and was greeted by all of them with great big hugs and good mornings! HOW SWEET!

I went off to eat lunch in the club with some of the sponsors. I actually sat with the DirectBuy sponsors and had a great time!
When the golfers left, I stayed inside with Wiande, Kevin's wife and Terry from Showcase Sports. I actually got to speak with Wiande and truly enjoyed every minute that I got to know her. Kevin joined us after finishing his media interviews and seeing them together was nothing but inspirational!

Around 1:45, Kevin, Wiande, Bruce from Showcase Sports and I got on a Golf Cart and traveled to each hole on the golf course. I was honored to be a part of this! Kevin gave every golfer an autographed commemorative football! We took pictures with each group and even stopped for some amazing stuffed shells out on the course.

I have been apart of so many golf fundraisers and have NEVER seen the host go out onto the golf course and hand deliver a gift to each person! The look on each of their faces was priceless and they all spoke volumes of their experience with this fundraiser.

In the end, I had so many people come up to me and praise Showcase Sports for their amazing job organizing and running this event. They commented that every fundraiser in their first year has a few hiccups here and there BUT they each said that this was the first time they have experienced a "first annual" that was run so smoothly.

THE ONLY PROBLEM WAS THE NASTY HUMIDITY!! LOL!! Each day I felt like a melted Popsicle and even though water was everywhere, I could only drink so much. I felt so nasty at the end of each day - sticky and all....LOL! It took me a full day of recovery as I was feeling pretty sick. On the 4th of July I was wearing a coat & had the heater on to watch the fireworks and on the 6th and 7th for this event - It was 95 degrees and 100% humidity! Something my body was not ready for! I was a melted "beauty queen" LOL...

In the end, I was able to met so many amazing people. I had the honor of being with Kevin and His Wife Wiande as we delivered gifts to each participant. I was so grateful to have met his mother and sisters and thank everyone for making me feel like family!

God Bless all who attended and I can't wait to see each and every one of you next year!

If you ever need inspiration - read the Kevin Everett Story - Standing Tall


Ejections occur w/out a seat belt! Former NFL player dies in ejection

Ejections occur when not wearing your seat belt! A simple mechanism CAN indeed save your life!

Former Chargers S Kiel dies in car crash

SAN DIEGO (TICKER) —Former San Diego Chargers safety Terrence Kiel was killed in a car crash, police said Saturday. He was 27.

According to a San Diego police spokesman, Kiel’s body was ejected from his 2004 Chevrolet sedan, which crashed into a wall in the Scripps Ranch neighborhood.

Kiel, who was driving alone after leaving a party at approximately 10:15 p.m. local time, was barely breathing by the time emergency paramedics arrived at the crash scene. He was pronounced dead at 11:28 p.m.

According to police, a female witness saw Kiel driving in the wrong direction before he lost control of the car. Toxicology tests will be performed to determine whether Kiel, who had a history of legal trouble, had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A 2003 second-round draft selection, Kiel appeared in 59 games over parts of four seasons with the Chargers.

Following a 2006 campaign in which he started 15 games, Kiel was released by the Chargers in February 2007, when he pleaded guilty to felony and misdemeanor drug charges.

Kiel also was cited for public urination outside a San Diego nightclub in January 2007, a charge which ultimately was dropped.

Fireworks in Blasdell, NY

These were fireworks in Blasdell, NY on July 3rd. We are so far away because we had to sit in the car! IT WAS FREEZING OUT! It was funny because we said "you know you live in Buffalo when you have to turn the heater on in the car to watch fireworks - on the 4th of July!"


Have a Safe & Sober 4th of July!

4th of July can be Deadly on America's Highways - PLEASE BE SAFE & SOBER

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rank July 4th as one of the deadliest holidays for traffic related deaths. Historically, over 600 people are killed each year in automobile accidents on July 4th, half of which are the result of alcohol related crashes.

Fourth of July is a time to load up the car and visit friends and relatives. Barbeques, pool parties, fireworks, and American flags signify a favorite American pastime. We should all enjoy the 4th of July and we should all live through the weekend.

Three Things You Can do

1. Avoid DUI by Planning Ahead
If you are going to a party plan for safe sober transportation ahead of time. A designated driver that won't be drinking is your best bet. If you don't have a designated driver then load the number of your local taxi company in your cell phone. If you find yourself impaired and don't want to leave your car call AAA (this free service not available in NY), they will take you and your car home - see details below.

2. Wear Your Seat belt
If you are in a car accident your seat belt can save your life. Without it you are much more likely to die

3. Don't Speed
Speed kills - it's a simple as that. Go the speed limit and if it's raining, foggy, or conditions are otherwise dangerous slow down to a safe speed.

If you follow these steps you can save your own life and if you tell 5 friends you may save their life.

DUI and the Fourth of July-

As holidays go the 4th of July is right at the top of the list when it comes to drinking alcohol. Because much of the drinking starts early (at daytime activities) there are many DUIs.

Buckle Up Already-

For the one-zillionth time –wear a seat belt. This is getting to the point of a basic IQ test. Wearing a seat belt indicates you probably have an IQ over 80. Not wearing a seat belt confirms you aren’t smart enough to drive a car, period. The basic concept is this – your car acts like a protective shell for you. If you are wearing a seat belt, you are held firmly in your seat. If you are not wearing a seat belt nothing stops you from banging around in the car like a ping-pong ball or flying out a window in the case of an accident.


New York - Erie Counties "Go Safe" program-
A program that allows responsible bar owners to provide a safe FREE ride home for customers who need one.
Click Here for a list of participating bars & restaurants
Click here for a list of participating Taxi Companies


Imagine you have had a few too many drinks and you need a ride home. What stops you – and many other drivers – from driving drunk is your car. You don’t want to leave your car and you don’t have to. Program this phone number in to your cell phone – (# below). During every major holiday they will dispatch a tow truck to pick up you and your car and drive you home. The service is called Tow To Go and is available to Members and Nonmembers.


1-800-222-4357 - AAA South and West Coast - CALL TO SEE IF YOUR STATE OFFERS THIS

In the end, I wish you and your families a safe and rememberable 4th of July weekend.
Thank you to both of my grandfathers for serving our country and to ALL service members for giving of themselves unselfishly to ensure that we can sleep safely and live a life of freedom.

God Bless you and your families!