**My B-Day Card from Mom & Dad**

30 years ago today, my mother gave birth to me & for that I am forever grateful!! She decided to give me the greatest gift ever - Life.

Today was my 30th Birthday. I honestly can not believe that I turned 30. It didn't bother me & I surely didn't feel any different. I woke the same, showered the same, got dressed the same and went to work as if I were 21!
25 was the hardest age for me yet. I cried for an entire week prior and the proceeding week as well. I felt "old" - I was full of anxiety -what was to come next? What goals did I NOT achieve - was I on the right path? Did I do what I was supposed to in my 20's?

Now, I cross this BIG DAY and I felt good. I felt GREAT! I am in the place I am meant to be, I am doing what I am supposed to and each day is truly a gift. It's a gift to be alive, it's a gift to go to work and it is most definitely a fabulous blessing to have my husband and parents.