We are leaving to climb the mountain!

At the very peak of the mountain - it was the most incredible view and one of our most amazing accomplishments together. I still can't believe that we actually climbed a mountain (especially one of this size)!!
In the process of climbing the mountain
Doug and I attempting to take a photo of ourselves together
This pic is sideways b/c we were trying to set the timer on the camera and it was just not working...LOL
At the half point on our mountain climbing journey

The below video is of Douglas as we started to descend the mountain. It is difficult to hear what he is saying due to the high winds.


Pulling into our housing community.

The Park across from our house......

My mom wants to take her donkey's here SOOO bad, the trails are beautiful here!!! This park has trails for walking, riding horses, mountain climbing and picnicking.

Doug & our Brother-in-Law climbed our mountain!

Douglas and our brother-in-law Newt decided to climb the mountain behind our house today! It took approx. 45 min for them to reach the top and once they did, they said the view was absolutely incredible!! They could see for miles upon miles. What was really nice is that we have a clear view of this mountain from the front of our house, so my sister-in-law & I sat in the guest room and watched them the entire time they were climbing. Doug has me talked into venturing to the top tomorrow!
Doug at the Top of our mountain
Our Brother-in-Law, Newt @ the top of our mountain
Douglas and Newt made it to the top!

Looking down from the top

This is atop of our housing community!


Red Rock Canyon


Doug FINALLY arrives- February 16th, 2009...