9/14/2008 ~ My 29th Birthday!

I AM 29! This is the last year I will celebrate a 20something birthday. It truly amazes me how quickly life can pass us by, especially when the last 4 years of my life have been consumed by car crashes, severe injuries and grueling rehab.

Thank you to my family for the wonderful time we had at dinner! Everything was delicious and it was nice to sit together in a relaxing atmosphere full of laughter, jokes and celebration of the last 29 years! Oh yeah and thanks to my dad for making it clear that I am "catching up to him in age." LOL....

Dad: I look at you and immediately thank the Lord that you and I are able to sit at a table and eat dinner, laugh and joke. I say that because it was exactly 3 years ago a near-fatal car crash nearly claimed our lives. I love you dad!
Mom: I'll never forget that it was really your day..LOL...you were in labor for over 20 hours...sorry BUT thank you!
Doug: Thank you for today. My card made me cry a river, my trip to "Our Lady of Fatima" was heavenly and the late night walk with the dogs topped it all off.
*Most importantly, thank you for caring for my 3 tmjd episodes today. I do NOT know how you can possibly continue to care for this disability but you do. God Bless you!
Pictures Below:
~ Dinner with the family
~ Late night walk with the pups
~ Our Lady of Fatima Shrine
~ My lovely TMJ episode

MY YUMMY SALAD, which had to be cut in 1 million pieces so my jaw could handle chewing it
MY YUMMY DINNER. CHICKEN POT PIE & ARTICHOKES. My jaw was in horrible shape and I had to eat something that was "easy" on the jaw
My baby boy Apollo and I - he's 7 yrs. old

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE ACTIVITIES - TAKING THE KIDS FOR A WALK. It is one of the most relaxing things our family can do!
Chloe' and Apollo - 7 years old
Doug and his baby girl, Chloe'. She LOVES her belly rubs!
We take great self-portraits, don't we?
They're tired..can you tell? LOL...

EARLIER THAT DAY - we went to the "OUR LADY OF FATIMA SHRINE" That is one of my most favorite places on earth!! We spent 45 minutes in the gift shop! Driving along the river...a 45 minute drive to get the the Fatima Shrine!
YUP!! It happens on my Birthday too!! We had to rush home from lunch b/c of the TMJd episode I was having. It was horrible and knocked me out for 4 hours!
That is my upper piece that I have to wear to RE-ALIGN my jaw- it is grossly misaligned right now!