Makes it all worth it!

Nov 5 2008 3:36 PM

I have to tell you something funny and cute my son is in Kindergarten and has to bring things in for show and tell every other Friday and he brang in the picture of you on the driving skills from Delacy and we have to fill out this sheet with things like where did you get it from and how long have you had it and and why did you bring this item in for show and tell and Joey wrote "because it always reminds me to buckle up." I thought it was so cute it just melted my heart like you wouldn't believe.Thanks for making a difference even in the eyes of the young.
Take care.

I received the above message on my Myspace account. This message is exactly what keeps me going in my pursuit of educating American's on Traffic Safety.

The ultimate cause of my closed head injury, TMJ and herniated discs was the destructive decisions that another driver made behind the wheel of their vehicle. After a few years of soul-searching and hours of thinking, I realized that my soul purpose is traffic safety education. I thank the Mrs. New York America staff for helping me realize that! It has been the most amazing, most fulfilling journey in my life.

It makes the 4 years of speech therapy, occupational therapy, balance/coordination therapy, vision therapy, auditory therapy, physical therapy and so on all worth it.

God has surely blessed my father and I. God has a plan and a purpose for my life.....I thank him everyday for the miracles in my life!