Miss America Fashion Show @ The Fashion Show Mall

Each of the 2009 Miss America Contestants participated in a fashion show at the Fashion Show Mall. They donned a fashion of their choice that they themselves provided ~ each one looked beautiful!

It is incredibly difficult to try and pick who stands out when there are 52 gorgeous, accomplished young ladies in one place at once. Considering the next Miss America is chosen by her performance given to the judges, I always wait until the night of finals prior to choosing who I believe God has chosen to take on the Adventure of a lifetime as Miss America BUT of the 32 that I was able to meet/speak to/see, the 10 that stand out to me are:
Florida, District of Columbia, South Dakota, New Mexico, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Virginia, California. The others ~ Tennessee, Kentucky, Vermont, Nebraska, Maryland, Massachusetts & New York.
Of course, I do NOT know their talents, platforms or wardrobe so it will be interesting to watch the competition take place this Saturday night! ~Good Luck to each and every state on their journey to the Miss America Crown!

Below, the first few pictures are of the enclosed stage popping up from the ground. As soon as the stage popped up - the runway popped up from the ground as well! The doors to the stage opened and the contestants were introduced to the runway one at a time!