Happy Anniversary!! - 7 YEARS :-)

It is our 7 year wedding anniversary!!
I have to work the day of (Sunday the 7th) Therefore, we decided to celebrate on my days off - both Thursday night and all day Friday.
Thursday night was so wonderful. We started the night with a yummy margarita - then went down to the Las Vegas Strip and watched the romantic Bellagio Water Show. Then we went to a late night dinner at Terrible's Hotel and Casino. *(We choose that for ol' times sake)* Years ago when we lived here, we used to go down to the strip and party...ending the night with 1 am Steak n' eggs at Terribles.
Friday was so much fun!! We started with a delicious dinner at Outback, then off to the Las Vegas Strip for the Improv @ Harrah's. It was hilarious! We took a pic in front of the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign and did some shopping of course.