We are off to NYC

I am so excited to say that I am off to NYC for the very first time EVER! It is for business and it is completely last minute BUT it is the start of an amazing partnership. I am not at liberty to state what that partnership is but it is the beginning of a campaign to save lives with an outstanding company.
Doug can not go with me because it is so last minute. He can not get off of work. As for the troopers, I am so upset that Sgt. Miller can not attend but we will have 6 months with this company. Lastly, I would have loved for Peter DeLacy to join us. He just got back from Florida and would def. have to plan for something like this. Peter is the best sponsor that I could have ever hoped for and he usually attends everything I do. I am very grateful for my family at DeLacy Ford.
Amber and I are off to NYC. We will be driving for about 7 hours. A driver is being sent to the Essex House Hotel to pick us up @ 8:15 am.
I find this opportunity a blessing and feel that I would not be in this position had it not been for the NYS Police and DeLacy Ford.
Gotta Run, Love you all and God Bless,


wcgillian said...

Very impressive site. My sister was Mrs. Washington back in 91 and became the spokesperson for MADD. I retired from WA Law Enforcement in 98. You are on the right trail. Be safe!

RJ Cole