Dad's 50th Birthday

My father truly is the worlds most incredible father. I am truly blessed to have him as not only my father BUT now as my bestest friend. Growing up, dad was far from being my "friend." He was a father and a STRICT one at that! I can't even count how many times I spoke the infamous teenager phrase "I hate you!" and scampered off! LOL.........
Then I grew up.
In 2005, my father and I survived a near-fatal car crash. He pulled my lifeless body from the car - he sat in shock on the side of the road as I laid there not responding to him.
That moment has forever changed who we are and what we want out of life. A bond of father & daughter was created like no other. In a split second, we both thought it was going to be our last breath, for a moment, my father thought I was dead. That definitely created a bond that I will be forever grateful for. He is a man that I trust and love. A man that had given me my work ethic as well as great morals and values. I am proud to say he is my father. I am proud to say I am just like him.

I am so grateful that I can finally call him my friend.

Happy 50th Birthday Dad, I am so blessed that you were born!