I am SO excited!
7 months ago, I was transferred to a job I ended up absolutely despising!
For the first time in 7 months, I am back at my old job this evening!!!!!!! I could not be more elated at this time! The girls at my old job were more like family & seeing them this evening is going to be a big boost in the way I feel. I needed this so terribly badly! (don't know if that even makes sense, I am just too excited to care).
I am proud of myself that I made through the 7 months. My doctors nearly forced me back into my old job BUT I said nope, I am going to stick it out. I am not going to be a complainer, I can do this! Well, 7 months later, here I am, I made it through! After this evening back at my old job, I have one more week at the old job and HOLLA - I'm back w/the girls in Parasol for good! woot woot :-)
What have I learned? I have concluded that our careers have a tremendous affect on our emotions and our physical well being. We, as humans, all have to work - therefore - work where you are happy. We only have ONE chance to live. ONE. No second chances, therefore do what makes you happy. If your don't - you'll be extremely unhappy and everyone around you will feel it. It's not worth it.