Driving While In-TEXT-icated: DWI

Every generation brings a NEW trend

The newest trend is: DWI ~Driving While In-TEXT-icated

In my opinion this is a game of Russian Roulette. (thank you Deanna)
  1. Taking a weapon (your car, a 3000 lb bullet)
  2. Blind folding yourself (by not looking at the road)
  3. Aiming that 3000 lb bullet at others

You are bound to kill yourself or someone else!

This is ridiculous and we need to stop this. I am sick of hearing people say that all I am doing is trying to enforce the idea of having the government police them. That is not it.
When you face your own mortality, you recognize the significance of protecting American citizens on the roadways.

Policing is: phone taps and cameras on your every move.. it is NOT attempting to save you and your loved ones from the needless tragedy of a car crash.

Which includes:
  • Preventing you from a lifetime of carrying guilt that you killed someone, possibly your son or daughter, mother or father, husband or wife
  • Preventing you from becoming a vegetable
  • Preventing you from losing your home due to the medical bills you will incur
  • Living a lifetime of excruciating pain that leads most to attempted suicide
  • Losing organs because the meds you are forced to take kill them
Still think it's policing?............................................

Let me guess, you do!
You are saying..."If I am meant to die in a car crash then so be it."
"If I don't want to wear my seat belt, which will send me flying through the windshield in the event of a crash, well that is my choice."

Well Guess What, you won't be that lucky. Approx. 43,000 people die per year in car crashes and over 3 million are injured in them. Mathematics prove that you have a better chance of becoming a vegetable than dieing. The bitter truth is that no one is going to want to assist you whether it be changing your diaper or feeding you!

Still don't agree?
Did you know that by not wearing your seat belt you can kill another passenger within the car! Example: your spouse is driving and buckled in, your NOT and you automatically become a pin ball in the event of a crash, slamming into objects in the car, possibly your spouse and killing them. You live and have to remember that YOU killed your spouse.

So, STOP IT! Stop bitching that the State Police and local Law Enforcement are out to impinge on your freedom. They are the individuals arriving at the scene of crashes, watching people take their last breaths, watching people bleed to death, witnessing the preventable death of a child and to top it off, they are the one's informing parents, spouses, children and family that their loved one is gone forever. They have to live a lifetime with all of those memories including the look on the face of those they deliver the news to and the horrific scene of the crashes.

With that said, if these men and woman did NOT try to change these statistics and save others on the road then they would not be doing their job!!!

Driving is your privilege and we need to stop playing Russian Roulette NOW!