The Students CRIED!

I spoke and the students cried.

At the Niagara Traffic Safety Fair/Program - I was a guest speaker.

I shared my personal story of the day my father and I almost died in a car crash. I spoke of my life, my personal story and the triumph over this needless tragedy. It was all about saving at least one life today.

As I was speaking I saw tears run down their cheeks. I watched them wipe away tears because of my personal story.

To watch tears run down their face shocked me. Young boys and girls were crying b/c of my story. That was the most powerful experience of my life. I was extremely overwhelmed and my stomach was in knots. It was pure shock.

Then NYS Trooper Tarquinio made a comment that hit me, I def. saved a life today. I, Jennifer Stehlar, impacted a life.

Do you know how hard it is to get the attention of teenagers about traffic safety? Their license is their Key To Freedom. This is their right of passage and no on will stand in their way. In their minds, they are young, have plenty of years to live and are invincible.

You see, traffic safety is not a disease or an impairment but it is a CHOICE they have to make. No one can make them choose to do the right thing behind the wheel, we can only give them their choices and show them what will happen if they don't choose the right one.

Today was a reminder that I can not stop in my mission of traffic safety. It was proof that my story DOES reach others on a personal level and it will save a life. I am blessed and thank God for the experience of a life time.