Letter from a parent of a teen driver to Mrs. New York AB

How sweet, encouraging and uplifting is it to find a parent go out of their way to send this message?

This letter is from a parent that attended the parent, teen-driving assembly that I held following the "Driving Skills for Life" student assembly.

Thank you Mrs. Jimenez!!!

May 26, 2008
Mrs. New York American Beauty 2008
Jennifer Stehlar

Dear Jennifer:
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing the Ford “Driving Skills for Life” program to Iroquois. It is my understanding that Iroquois is the first High School in New York State to have this program and we are honored that you and the New York State Police have brought this message to our youth. My son came home and told me that the assembly was very good, and he said that I should make sure to attend the evening session for parents. Later that night, we talked about what we had both learned and the importance of the message you are bringing to the students. As we are all aware it is vital that teens are educated on the importance of driver safety. My son has told me that he and his friends go to the driving skills for life website when they have free time at school, our thanks to Ford Motor Company for making this available.
Thank you once again for sharing your story and emphasizing the importance of teen driver safety. As the parent of a seventeen year old driver I truly appreciate all that you are doing. Keep up the good work.
Kim Jimenez