Have a Safe & Sober 4th of July!

4th of July can be Deadly on America's Highways - PLEASE BE SAFE & SOBER

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rank July 4th as one of the deadliest holidays for traffic related deaths. Historically, over 600 people are killed each year in automobile accidents on July 4th, half of which are the result of alcohol related crashes.

Fourth of July is a time to load up the car and visit friends and relatives. Barbeques, pool parties, fireworks, and American flags signify a favorite American pastime. We should all enjoy the 4th of July and we should all live through the weekend.

Three Things You Can do

1. Avoid DUI by Planning Ahead
If you are going to a party plan for safe sober transportation ahead of time. A designated driver that won't be drinking is your best bet. If you don't have a designated driver then load the number of your local taxi company in your cell phone. If you find yourself impaired and don't want to leave your car call AAA (this free service not available in NY), they will take you and your car home - see details below.

2. Wear Your Seat belt
If you are in a car accident your seat belt can save your life. Without it you are much more likely to die

3. Don't Speed
Speed kills - it's a simple as that. Go the speed limit and if it's raining, foggy, or conditions are otherwise dangerous slow down to a safe speed.

If you follow these steps you can save your own life and if you tell 5 friends you may save their life.

DUI and the Fourth of July-

As holidays go the 4th of July is right at the top of the list when it comes to drinking alcohol. Because much of the drinking starts early (at daytime activities) there are many DUIs.

Buckle Up Already-

For the one-zillionth time –wear a seat belt. This is getting to the point of a basic IQ test. Wearing a seat belt indicates you probably have an IQ over 80. Not wearing a seat belt confirms you aren’t smart enough to drive a car, period. The basic concept is this – your car acts like a protective shell for you. If you are wearing a seat belt, you are held firmly in your seat. If you are not wearing a seat belt nothing stops you from banging around in the car like a ping-pong ball or flying out a window in the case of an accident.


New York - Erie Counties "Go Safe" program-
A program that allows responsible bar owners to provide a safe FREE ride home for customers who need one.
Click Here for a list of participating bars & restaurants
Click here for a list of participating Taxi Companies


Imagine you have had a few too many drinks and you need a ride home. What stops you – and many other drivers – from driving drunk is your car. You don’t want to leave your car and you don’t have to. Program this phone number in to your cell phone – (# below). During every major holiday they will dispatch a tow truck to pick up you and your car and drive you home. The service is called Tow To Go and is available to Members and Nonmembers.


1-800-222-4357 - AAA South and West Coast - CALL TO SEE IF YOUR STATE OFFERS THIS

In the end, I wish you and your families a safe and rememberable 4th of July weekend.
Thank you to both of my grandfathers for serving our country and to ALL service members for giving of themselves unselfishly to ensure that we can sleep safely and live a life of freedom.

God Bless you and your families!