Personal Training - DAY 1

Today was the first day of my personal training and IT FELT GREAT!

I have always belonged to a gym but I have to say that with the outrageous schedule I have & the annual cycle of TMJD pain - It quickly becomes the bottom of the daily list, eventually never coming to fruition.

First and foremost, I sustained some harsh injuries which left me with a lifetime of cyclic pain. The cycles usually last 3 months each year and cause me to basically fall off the face of the earth. It is my TMJ disorder and any physical movement such as chewing, smiling, swallowing, talking, yawning, brushing my teeth and so on cause a cycle of pain that lays me up the full 3 mos.

THEN...when the cycle ends, I am so busy trying to straighten up my life that was put on hold for the past 3 mos. AND I am so weak that any exercise is not a possibility. 6 mos. later, I end up ready to train and I have to start VERY slowly..........taking it to 10 months later when I am finally able to bust out a FULL training schedule.

It has now been 4 years of this and let me tell you that every time, the pain is so bad I feel like I am going to die. I also feel myself age a good 10 years....this 4th year of it was the hardest to overcome and every time I look in the mirror, I do NOT recognize myself....

I have always incorporated fitness into my lifestyle but over the past year, I dove into traffic safety and became consumed in this topic and my mission. In the end, I forgot about myself and the importance of balance in our lives. I found out it was not just seat belt awareness. The larger picture is that we have a society of UN-educated drivers. On a daily basis people are given a license to operate a 3,000 lb weapon (vehicle) with only 20 hours of experience!
Society places an enormous emphasis on education but has failed to realize the significance of driver education. With that failure has come the alarming statistics. The cure is simple yet crucial, education. We do not have one national organization that is dedicated to re-inventing this simple, yet extensive program back into America's life. That is what I am doing. Every waking hour.

I have been truly caught up in it until I had to go clothing shopping and this happened. The woman at New York & Company asked, "you need that in a size 0 or 2?" and I replied, "no - a 4 " she replied "Oh wow, you've graduated!" THAT'S when the light went on!!

Therefore, I left the gym. I am no longer a member. I have joined forces with a personal training facility. Dave is the trainer to many Buffalo Sports Personalities, other trainers, competitors..he trains the owners of other gyms as well.

I am his first "beauty queen." LOL... I say beauty queen because that was what I had to break it down to while explaining what the national competition is this November.

My muscles were burning and I swear I was going to lose my breakfast...LOL...What an awesome feeling. I even passed up my daily cup of coffee.

This was my reminder that exercise is just a crucial part of who we are. We need to stay fit, lean and in shape and it is NOT about what the scale reads! It is about Preventing diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer,heart disease and so on. When God created us, I am sure that he never intended us to consume Chicken Wings, Chicken Finger Subs, Pizza, Doritos, chip dip, "super" size meal deals, dairy queen, Chessecake, candy bars and all that other fun stuff.

This is all part of keeping the complex human body balanced.
I am so excited to show my results in one month. I'll be even more excited when I can go back to NY&CO. and tell her I no longer in that graduated classification..LOL...