DeLacy Ford SuperCruise Night - July 17th

Today was the annual "DeLacy Ford Super Cruise Night." I can't begin this blog without saying that I honestly LOVE my family at DeLacy Ford. God has truly, blessed me in every which way when he brought me into that dealership.

DeLacy Ford is and always has been family owned. They LOVE their community, they love to have fun and in the end I believe that is what makes them as successful as they are.

Upon arriving, I stopped for the super necessary Starbucks run. I pulled in to see hundreds of beautiful classic cars and smiles on everyone's faces.

I sat in the air conditioned conference room with Al's family and had dinner. (Al is the General Manager @ DeLacy.) For dinner we had coleslaw, potato salad and steak provided by kroelics BBQ and it was DELICIOUS!

Then we made our way out to the crowd. It was a HOT and HUMID day but it was full of FUN and excitement.

I walked around, took pictures, said hello to anyone and everyone. Took pictures in people's classic cars, danced with the little kids, signed tons of autographs and gave out seat belt pens.

ALSO, the NYS Troopers were on hand with the popular "roll-over" device. That is so awesome! The kids and adults both loved it. First we showed what it looked like with the dummy buckled in, then we showed what it looked like with the dummy NOT buckled in. That is when they were able to see what an ejection is and how important a seat belt truly is.

THANK YOU to everyone that approached me and shared their very own personal story of how they lost a loved one in a car crash and had that loved one been wearing a seat belt, they'd still be alive. I know that it was hard for all of you to tell me those personal stories BUT you reminded me of just how significant my fight against the blood shed on the roadways truly is. God Bless you and I wish you and your families peace.

Terry Buchwald was on his stage belting out his fantastic music, Elmo, Dora and sponge bob were also making their way through the crowd.

I left there asking why it had to end as I love everything I do with DeLacy and I guess I am just getting sad that my year with them is starting to wrap up ( I have 4 months left, unless of course I won the national title). They have become and will always be considered family to me.

Peter DeLacy, Jim DeLacy, Jim DeLacy Jr. and Al, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for our community! These so called "Giant" dealerships pale in comparison . You have that "IT" factor or should I say that "REAL" factor! Love you guys!