4th Day at the Fair - JUDGING THE "Dad Looks Like his Dog" contest

This was SO much fun! Doug and I were at the Chevy Stage today to judge the "Dad Looks Like his Dog" contest. It was so HARD to judge as I am an animal lover and would not want to see any of them walk away without a ribbon or prize!! Dogs and their owners were posted on the Fairs website. People would then pick their favorite on the website and vote for them. The top 5 were chosen to be in a contest. The winner won a 1 year supply of Dad's dog food. 2nd place won a 6 month supply and 3rd place won a 3 month supply. The dog I choose as winner did end up winning BUT the dog I choose as 2nd place did not even make top 3. I felt so bad!!!! All of the pups were beautiful and well-behaved. Their owners really loved them too!!!

I am pictured above with our Emcee, Clay Moden from WYRK, 106.5. the other photos are while I am judging and the last is the winner and his daddy! The winner was 11 years old and a yellow lab.