Elma Night Out

Pictured here with Trooper Moralis and Trooper DePlato while we explain what the "Rollover Simulator" is & how a seat belt can truly save your life. AND POSING for the Town Paper..LOL..With the Town Supervisor & his lovely daughters!
Taking a bit of a break at our static display in which I was signing autographs.
ELMA NIGHT OUT ~ America's Night Out Against Crime!
Doug and I were invited to attend the "Elma Night Out."

Thank you to Z/Sergeant Wilkinson for inviting us as it turned out to be another memorable experience that we will never forget.

We arrived at 5:15 pm and helped set up the static display table as the troopers were busy setting up the Rollover Simulator.

Over the past 2 years, I have attended numerous community events but have to say this was the most impressive, by far! The town supervisor was extremely kind and his daughters were just the sweetest girls! The people in the community were also very kind and welcoming.

This Town joined together to just do something as simple as - get together!

The theme was simple yet crucial to everyone in the community - Crime Prevention and Safety! What was even more impressive was the fact that everything was FREE. I have NEVER been to an event where you get Coffee, Soda Pop, Hot Dogs and Pop Corn for FREE. The displays were all FREE as well. Children were able to check out our rollover simulator and view for themselves what will occur withOUT a seat belt, I had autographs, seat belt pens and pencils, they were able to view a live demo of the jaws of life, Water safety displays, coloring/activity books, stickers, photo id / fingerprinting, All children were even entered to win a free bike! One to a boy AND one to a girl! They even had a well-know country music band free in the gazebo!

Every community event I have attended requires you to purchase something AND they seem to always be based around the heritage of the community it is in. I DO LOVE THAT as I come from a family that takes our heritage to the extreme...I mean I had to learn Polish and German to speak to my Dzadek and also had to learn from my Sicilian grandfather, that the only acceptable spaghetti sauce takes 6 hours to cook. Therefore, I personally have a great appreciation for heritage BUT we need to have more gatherings like the one I attended this evening.

I had a wonderful time with the troopers, with my husband and as always, I loved talking to the children and signing autographs! All the while, the message of traffic safety is a strong one at our display.
Unfortunately, the party was rained on! A few hours in and it started to pour making us pack up as quickly as possible and run for our cars.

In the end, I left Elma with a warm heart and an even greater love for that town. I have done a lot with that town and have to say - Elma is my favorite this year by far! Thanks guys!

Hey, that's right, DELACY is from Elma too! WOW, a town full of wonderful and giving people!