A few months back I stumbled upon such an incredible device! It is called the TIWI.

I have devoted my life to 'safe driver awareness' and throughout my travels I have witnessed that school assemblies and speaking engagements were only a piece of the puzzle to saving lives on the roadways. The impression that I leave on the children's lives, the parents lives and the tears I watched role down their faces would only change their life for a small time period. To be quite honest, I have been searching for the answer or better yet, a solution for this deadly epidemic but the answer was no where to be found.

One would assume that something as simple as "Driving Safe" would be an easy thing to solve.

This was not a complicated matter of medical phenomenon. It was literally teaching Americans how to properly utilize a vehicle, which I immediately realized has become a deadly weapon on our roadways.

I continued on with my gift from God, speaking of my near-death experience, the agonizing road of recovery, the way my life ended in a lot of ways, the disabilities I now life with and the heart ache that my father will continue to bear as he remembers thinking I (his only child) was dead and he had no control over it. My heart ache as I continue on watching my father fall to the ground from the pain he lives in. All because of someone else's careless mistake.

That was my piece of the puzzle and yet I knew that there just had to be something out there...
I was presenting the 'wake up call', I was bringing the 'choices' to the table BUT where is the solution?

That's when I stumbled across this device called the TIWI!
{Get your teen on the safest possible road. tiwi™ is the first onboard computer with the power to instantly alert and instruct young drivers while, at the same time, enabling parents to receive real-time notifications by phone, text or email concerning their teen’s current location, actions and driving safety. It’s simple. It’s practical. And it’s based on the same inthinc™ technology that has led to unprecedented improvements in driving behaviors for commercial fleets for years, and is now even utilized in NASCAR® race vehicles.}

From what I see, this product is right on track. It stems from the inthinc™ product that has already been on the market in fleets, Nascar and even stems from LV Cabs. It has already been utilized in other vehicular avenues now the test will stand to see how well this takes off in the market of teenage drivers.

It is currently in the "beta" testing stage but as you watch the video, the teenager testing said it would change his driving behavior BUT when the reporter asked, "do you want your parents to buy one?" He replied "No." Which is proof that this device really DOES work! The reporter laughed (as did I) at the teen and commented - "Teenagers, we laugh BUT too often we cry."

As with anything, parents play a PIVOTAL role! If purchased, it is a vital that they take part, utilizing it's alerts and reprimanding their children for any illegal/misuse of their vehicle. TIWI can sell a solution BUT it is only as good as the proper use of it and parental involvement!

I am more than excited for the launch of this product as my google e-mail alerts fill my 'in-box' daily with roadway deaths..........tragic, needless, senseless and preventable deaths. I want to see an empty in-box just one day!

In the end, nothing will EVER end blood shed and tears on the roadways but imagine if we could lower it by just 1/3!!!!

I urge you to review this product.

[Grim reality is that it is cheaper to provide your child with this product than it is to pay for their funeral!

I do think it may be the piece of the puzzle that I have been searching for..time will tell!