I always count my blessings in life...My incredible family, my amazing friends and my ability to just be alive and functioning BUT not too often am I mentioning how blessed I am to have the sweetest, most caring dogs in the world.
I have dogs and they are my little angels - mommy's angels.
You see, for around 5 years of my life, I lived in debilitating pain and spent many days in tears. Those dogs would NOT leave my side, would lick the tears off of my cheeks, slept with their paws hugging me and sometimes wouldn't even let my hubby by me!
For the past few months I have been dealing with what has turned out to be an Ulcer and a Hiatal Hernia. I've been great for the past month BUT this past week it has all acted up again. Tonight was the worst. :(
My hubby and dogs were downstairs while I was upstairs taking a shower. I became so sick that I started trembling and vomitted. My baby boy, Apollo, came running into the bathroom, cried for me until I got out of the shower. Then I laid on the bathroom floor crying and he licked every tear off my face!
When I finally made it to the bed, he jumped up and as you see in the picture- he laid his head on my chest and hugged me with both his paws. He stayed by my side until I was awake and moving around. That's when he moved to the foot of the bed - under the a/c vent..LOL.

Dogs are the most incredible therapy and I am a blessed momma to have my babies! They take good care of me :-)