My Parents Visit

8/27/09 - 9/02/09
Mom & Dad Visited Douglas and I.

I hadn't seen my parents in almost a year. I flew out here October 15th 2008 with nothing but 3 pieces of luggage and faith that best was to come.

NOW, almost a year later, I was finally going to see my parents.

They drove across country to see me, therefore, when they arrived at my front door, it was a HUGE surprise! (meaning no scheduled airplane arrival and such) They called me and said they were stuck in traffic at the Hover Damn. 5 minutes later, I heard my garage door opening!! I walked into my garage to see what was going on & THERE WAS MY MOTHER!

Being away from my parents was a tremendous strain for me. After everything this family has been through, the bond has become unbreakable between us and just a small time apart makes me feel as though a part of me is missing & it was. Almost 1- year without them was breaking me. It had grown to a point that just talking to them (hearing their voice) would leave me in tears for hours. Doug spent many times calling my parents pleading for them to take time off of work to come visit their daughter. He's such a wonderful husband because, we finally got them out here!

When they arrived, it was HUGE hugs and LOTS of happy tears.

It was such a blessing to have my parents here. The peace and calm I felt was heavenly! I slept incredible!

The only negative was that although I was enjoying every moment of this blessing, I knew that eventually, there was going to be a "good-bye." I knew that eventually they were going to leave and again - be over 2500 miles away from us.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, enjoyed mom's home cooking, got family portraits for the 1st time in 28 years, video game at go-carts, went to the movies(the hangover), had a cookout, took the dogs for walks, played poker at the house and we of course enjoyed dad's favorite bottle of Tequila - Reserva De La Familia, Jose Cuervo specialty. We also did something that my father enjoys - we went to the auto auction..LOL.... We also climbed a mountain which was an extraordinary experience as a family!

Living out here is truly wonderful. I am so fortunate to have the things I have BUT on the same note, it is incredibly frustrating that my parents live over 2500 miles away. There are days like today that I sit in tears because I miss them so much.