Elma Primary - Seat Belt Safety Day


On May 1st, 2008, Sergeant Wilkinson and I were guests at Elma Primary. It was such a wonderful experience to learn that it is never too early to educate about traffic safety and the importance of seat belts. The students had so many questions regarding my very own personal car crashes and a few of them told me that some times mommy & daddy forget to wear their seat belts.....(from the mouths of babes, right)

Thank you to Sergeant Wilkinson for making sure all of the 2nd grade princesses received crowns and for also making sure our junior trooper boys got their badges and pencils. The students of course loved the Blow Pops!

We brought the students seat belt activity sheets. The students colored them and were generous enough to give them back to me. They even took the time to write a personal message on them to me!

After explaining my crashes and how important traffic safety is, we passed the crown around! The girls AND the boys loved trying it on.

Lastly, we handed out the BUNY(Buckle Up New York) teddy bears, as a forever reminder to them about how important a seat belt is.

Before we left, the students sang such a beautiful song - The fifty Nifty United States.

Today, I received the most wonderful surprise! The above letter from the school and signed by the students!!
This is the teddy bear we handed out to them. Isn't it so cute?