Parade of Circles-South Buffalo

Today was the "South Buffalo Parade of Circles" and it was such a wonderful time as always!!!

Although my passion is traffic safety, it was refreshing to get out and do something like this.

I LOVE my community and am proud to say that I am a South Buffalo resident. People here are irreplaceable!

I rode atop my Ford Edge from DeLacy Ford in the parade.

Afterwards, we joined everyone in Heacock Park for a celebration & hotdogs of course.

I autographed a hairbrush, a babies blankie AND I had fun with the little girls who asked me to sign their foreheads with my sharpie..LOL.... As you will see, I said no BUT I did sign the palm of their hands with the permanent marker. Everyone loved the autograph cards as well.

It was a balmy 50, cloudy overcast, windy and sprinkling day. We tried to stay in the Edge as long as possible which really didn't allow for too many pictures prior to the start of the parade. I MEAN IT WAS FREEZING!!!!!!!

Thanks again to my wonderful and amazing South Buffalo Community for accepting me with open arms. You are all wonderful. Thanks especially to the SB Chamber of commerce, the Goin'South guys and South Buffalo Alive.