Politicians - In Particular Dan Humiston

I had the opportunity to meet Dan Humiston this afternoon at the Brant Summer Festival. I have to say that I was extremely impressed by his attention to the topic of Traffic Safety!

The other gentlemen (a county legislature) who was also there, told me that I was not in his district so it had nothing to do with him! That's when I reminded that legislature that car crashes are not separated by districts or party affiliation - they encompass our entire society and I asked what his point of view on the topic was as well as what he was doing in his very own district to lower statistics. That's when he looked at me like I was nuts, handed me his business card and said, mail me a letter!!
That was a true sign of ignorance. 206 teenagers died in the state of NY alone last year. This topic does not care what affiliation you are and
I reminded him that, even though I reside in South Buffalo, I was born and raised in the town of Brant. Since he won't be getting my vote what does my opinion matter - right? WRONG! My entire family lives in the town of Brant and they do vote......he was one they have always voted for!

NOW, Dan Humiston approached my table and when I asked him his views on the topic, not only did he listen, HE GAVE ME HIS PHONE NUMBERS (yes, I do say numbers with an "s" which included his cell phone) and said, call me and we can discuss this further. He actually looked me in the eyes with interest and responded intelligently & respectfully. I was also impressed to have his 15 year old daughter listen to what I told her about teen driving in NYS. I only started talking to her re: the subject b/c she will be a novice driver very shortly! He attitude was a definite reflection of this families values.

I thank Dan Humiston for what he is doing, what he plans on doing and wish he and his family nothing but the best of luck.

As for me, I am a soldier in this fight against the exploding epidemic called car crashes. The politicians in this state have done nothing to make change or acknowledge we have to change things in order to prevent other families from burying their children. I have reached my plateau here in NYS and wonder - has the time come to move? Has the time come to move out of state like the rest of Buffalonians who want to make change and progress??????? Tim Russert, The Scinta's, Goo Goo Dolls, Chad Michael Murray, Christopher Markus, Patrick Gallo, Ani DiFranco, and for a list of others who have the heart & soul of Buffalo BUT had to leave in order to achieve greatness - click here

(A little about Brant, NY)
I was born and raised in the small Town of Brant, NY which is located in the southeastern part of the county and is known as one of the "Southtowns." It is south of Buffalo. . The town was named after the Mohawk leader Joseph Brant.
And has a population of 1,906 people!!