We are on the SAME TEAM!!

This is a blog that I posted back on 3-29-08:
I came to an an amazing realization yesterday. Each titleholder has their own platform. As a titleholder we invest so much of our heart and soul into these topics that we tend to not have the time to truly understand or appreciate our sister queens platforms.

I live and breath "safe driver awareness." In my first official meeting with Deanna Russo of Crusade Against Impaired Driving, she told me how her sisters death led to saving 10 other lives. You see Deanna's sister, Karen was killed by a drunk driver BUT Deanna explained that through organ and tissue donation they were able to save 10 lives. Karen's life was tragically taken but 10 other lives saved that night.

That's when I realized my true appreciation for Shannon and Jason Devine. I was always so proud of them and the hard work they did/do to truly save lives but when you here that one persons body was able to save 10 lives you realize the significance of Jason and Shannon's Journey. I am so honored to be Shannon's first runner up and I am so proud of what she and her family have done to save lives.

I can't believe how our paths at one point in time will cross. I was in a meeting about a partnership with Crusade Against Impaired Driving. That's when I truly realized we are all on the same mission: TO SAVE LIVES!

Now I have to wonder how in the world VOYBOARDS and the vicious lies/rumors/hurt that they start can even be an issue. How & why do grown woman do this? The reality is, we are all on the same mission....to save lives. We should be uniting as one - instead some woman chose to attack others. It just does NOT make sense to me.......hhhhmmmm...

So many grown women are out living dreams and saving lives.
I remember being a teenage titleholder and not having 1/2 of the wisdom I have gained as a grown woman.
As women, we have experienced so much in life, developed who we are, what we want and have beautiful families.
We develop an undying passion for a topic that has impacted us personally, we go out & educate society on it and usually those topics are ultimately saving lives in the end.

So, how, as adults, do we NOT unite together in our missions. We are ALL on the same team. Team Saving Lives.

Therefore, why? Why all of the teenage high school (as original poster put it) hurtful, bashing, NEGATIVITY?
A young girl (MEGAN )has killed her self over just this same topic. It was all over the news. How are we as mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters and friends not using that as a wake up call?

We are the ADULTS who set the example for our future leaders. Look at our voyboards, a teenage titleholder will read these thinking that if grown women do this THEN it’s ok for her to do it as well and we just may end up with another lost life, like Megan. It was an ADULT FEMALE doing the dirty work via annony. posts which ultimately led to a Megan‘s suicide.

In the end, voyboards should NOT be a place to viciously attack others. This should be a great way for women across the country to meet up and share their accomplishments and in the end, we should be applauding each other. Applaud each other in the ways our “team“, pageant sisterhood is out saving lives…who knows, her very topic will possibly impact your very own family someday and she may help you through it.

I’d love to see my sister queens, posting what they have done. We are all so busy that we don’t have the time to call and inform each other of what we have done. We are all scattered across the country therefore, it won’t be hitting my local news. BUT around 90% of them can’t post here because they will be bashed for doing good. It will be a positive turned negative leading to the ever typical “it’s self promotion……”

If you are reading this post b/c you follow my mission of traffic safety awareness, then you are out of the loop.
There are message boards called "Voyboards" in pageant land. The URL looks like- www.voy.com/....../
On them, you can post whatever you want, whenever you want ANONYMOUSLY!
The written messages are horrible, cruel and heartless. Some of the Law enforcement officials that I work with were SHOCKED that this behavior by grown, married women can even exist!

What is going on in America today?
It is cruel and unnecessary!

God Bless and keep on saving lives!