Tag your it! -I've been tagged by a sister queen

Tag your it! -I've been tagged by a sister queen!

Like Angela said, the last time I've been tagged was out on the playground! Well, this same game has made it's way to the internet.

I have no clue what my quirks are so I asked Doug. He says, Jen, when you love someone, you don't pay attention to their imperfections, their imperfections are their perfections....sounds like a pageant patty answer..LOL...no, that was definitely cute. Now I am left mind boggled as I try to answer this. I totally had OCD prior to my brain injuries and now I can't concentrate long enough on anything to still have OCD. I had to have the clothes hung by color, drawers were separated perfectly and so on..none of that anymore........

The Rules:
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1.) When I wash the dishes I stand on my tippy toes!

2.) My 2nd toe is longer than the 1st and I have measured it LOL....no really, it's over 2 inches long. (OMG, I can't believe I am writing this!) In 6th grade my shoe size was 9 1/2. So if my toes were normal I would have smaller feet. I just measured my hubby's toe - his is one inch long. What is wrong with mine? When I was a kid, I was always thin and my legs ended with long, long feet. My friends used to say that all of my food went to my feet b/c I ate so much and all that grew were my feet.

3.) Sweet tooth! I can have the most amazing dinner but will need something sweet. Even if it is a tic tac. As a matter of fact, I just ate frosting out of the betty crocker container b/c we have nothing else sweet here at the house!

4.) I can not & will not fall asleep if I have dirty dishes. (Okay, wow, I guess I still have a bit of OCD in me.) I toss and turn, eventually getting out of bed to do them.

5.) When I am working on a project and I am in full concentration, I bite my lower lip, squint and my head is cocked towards the left shoulder.

6.) Wow, this is something that I definitely hate! I have been overwhelmed by the demand of my appearances this year and with it comes the LACK of time! I don't have time for anything, phew. If a friend e-mails me, messages me or sends me a facebook message, I don't respond if I can't send a full blown response, then a month later I am still sitting on that message! EEKK. I can not get myself to send a "quick" response. weird.



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