My cousins promoting a form of Safe Driving in the 80's

In 1989, my cousin autographed this record with the words:

"Thank you for keeping the dream alive."

It's just all so ironic to me, that last night this was found and those words were written so long ago. It's as if they were just written today.

Last night, I got a few things from my parents that were stored away from my childhood.

One item in particular are the following scanned in documents.

They were in one of a million scrapbooks that I made in my childhood.

At the time of these publications/photos, I was in 4th grade - 8 years old.

My cousins made this record in memory of Mindy Beals, a local teenager killed by a drunk driver. My cousins traveled the state promoting the topic AND the greatest accomplishment in my opinion was the day they sang this song for the President (Reagan) and First Lady at the White House.

I was so excited to see these items last night. Isn't it strange that all these years later I am now a survivor of a near fatal car crash and I now spend every living breathing moment as an advocate for safe driving!

In 4th grade, they were my hero's and I remember praying that I would be just like them!

Almost as if this path was paved for me before I ever knew!

The above news article (Feb. of 87) displays a photo of me in the local town winter festival. I was the one sitting @ the keyboard. I actually was lip sinking their song "Drug Free America." I was pretending to be my cousin Frankie.