Letters from God

The below is text from an e-mail that I cut and pasted. This letter keeps me going on my days of pain. Pain is draining and can truly exhaust all efforts to continue forward with my mission but there will always be a new story or an e-mail from someone that I have saved and I get right back up and continue on my journey.
Letters like the one below are letters from God. God's reminder that what happened to me was for a reason and the reason is to save the lives of others with my personal passion that was ignited by the events in my life & the pain I endure on a daily basis. That's the defining moment when I remember how truly blessed I am.
Thursday, August 30, 2007 12:31:14 PM

Before I get onto other things, I want to make sure I got our contact information out to you as promised. Attached is a .pdf file of our business cards.

It was a pleasure meeting you this morning.We really appreciate you taking the time to be with us this morning, and your dedication to preventing traffic injuries & deaths. I have been dedicated specifically to traffic safety for more than 15 years (and a Trooper for 20), and I know we are saving lives every day.

I also know that one of the challenges is keeping the messages that impact behavior fresh and creative to rise above the information chatter. We are certainly lucky to have your assistance in doing that. I hope you take pride in knowing that somewhere, sometime, some person will remember your message and put on their safety belt and that act will save their life. You likely will never know who, but rest assured, they are real. As real as those who lose their lives today because they did not. We will not know them either, but I will read about them when the report of their deathcomes across my desk tomorrow, as they do every morning.

Thank you for making those messages fewer in the future.

Traffic Services Section
New York State Police