How and Why?

As I lay here in unbearable pain which is causing knots in my stomach, I still wonder how an individual can continue to live like this? The only thing that I can do is pray. Pray that it stops, pray that God can give me the strength to get through another day of this. I can NOT remember what life was like before this.

  • Who was I before my car crashes?

  • What was it like to wake up with out any pain?
Well, I don't know and it is something that my husband asks as well. Yesterday, I was back and forth to the microwave. I was constantly reheating my oatmeal bean hot packs. One for my TMJD and the other for my thoracic. Doug looked at me and said, how do you do it? Baby, You look so drained. I wish I could take it all from you.

The truth is that this pain changes who I truly am. I hold it in so much and try to not complain BUT then I start acting miserable with others. I am short with them & have no patience.

God has given Doug an unlimited supply of strength b/c he can treat each day of pain as if it were new to him. He can make me laugh and can sit for hours rubbing my Tembo-Mandibular Joint or my back. He has a heart of gold!

I hope and pray for all drivers to understand that handling a vehicle is like handling a weapon and you can tragically take the life of someone else or yours at any time.

  • There are 6.3 million automobile crashes each year

  • One crash every 5 seconds

  • It is the #1 killer of teenagers in America

That means that every 5 seconds a life will be changed FOREVER! Not only is the life of the victim changed but the families as well. This needless tragedy has a trickle down effect causing all to be harmed.

Actions have consequences. Careless and reckless driving is 100% preventable.

My position on this topic will stand firm. The rest of my breathing days are committed to this topic and making sure that other families do NOT endure the pain these crashes have causedmy family and I.