Letters from Heaven

Here is another portion of my "letters from Heaven."

I will try to remember to add these uplifting messages on this blog when I have the chance. It's always great to be reminded that our passions do make a difference in others lives. It's also great to read messages like this when I am experiencing a day of excruciating pain from these crashes. Every little bit to place a smile on my face during those episodes is priceless.

Corri (SUNY Fredonia) wrote at 4:09pm on April 9th, 2008
Hey! It was so great to see you the other night, you look fantastic! You must be keeping so busy with your title, it's awesome to see someone take their platform by the reins and roll with it like you have, I hope other girls lead by your example, I know I try to! Hope your year continues to be busy with wonderful things! ♥Corri