Motorcylce Season Safety Warnings

Posted by: Lynne Dixon, Reporter
Created: 4/27/2008 8:43:48 PM
Updated: 4/29/2008 2:10:44 AM

It's here! Bikers from across Western New York gathered at a rally in Albion Sunday to put the word out. Motorcycle season is here, and everyone needs to watch the roadways.
The Orleans County Chapter of American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE), gathered outside the Orleans County Courthouse for their annual rally and to remind the crowd that the responsibility rests with each motorcyclist and each driver to keep the roads safe.
"People that don't ride, you gotta be aware we're back out there," said biker Chuck Persons. "People that ride need to pay attention all the time. Always be aware of what's around you."
"They're not looking for bikes right now. That's one of the biggest things," added Becky Persons. She's referring to drivers of vehicles.
Rebecca Grela teaches a motorcycle safety course and lifesaving techniques. "The number one danger is actually intersections," she said. "People taking your right of way, which is turning left in front of you." She said there are added risks nowadays, with so many car drivers on cell phones or text messaging, and not paying attention like they should. "Just be aware and be courteous to each other," she said.
Janice Entz wears a vest with patches of the friends she's lost on motorcycles. She says it doesn't deter her from riding because she just enjoys it so much. Janice said it's everyone's responsibility to make the roads safer.
Bikers gathered at the rally say it's gaining in popularity as a result of the high gas prices. But that also means there might be more inexperienced motorcyclists on the road this summer.
On Sunday there was another accident involving a motorcycle. At about one-thirty in the afternoon, 47-year old Earl Walker of Lockport was traveling east on Route 77 when, according to Niagara County Sheriff's investigators, he lost control of his bike and went off the road. Walker was taken to ECMC with leg injuries.