1st Assembly ~ Iroqouis High School


Today was my first ever "Driving Skills for Life" assembly. After 5 weeks of intense planning it is all over and I am left wondering what to do next. I had spent so much time planning this event and now it's all over. It's just like my wedding day. I spent two years planning it and then, the day arrived and it was over before I knew it.

We had a total of 3 assemblies today.

  1. 8 am - 9 am - 9th and 11th grade

  2. 9 am - 10 am -10th and 12th grade

  3. 7 pm - 8:30 pm - parents assembly

This was my first ever assembly and it was truly a thrilling experience. I planned for 5 weeks but learned a mass amount of knowledge re: assemblies in those 3 hours! It went over extremely well and I thank Sgt. Miller for telling me that I did a great job. I never want to let Dave down and always try my hardest to ensure his approval - therefore, hearing from him that I did an outstanding job was my true crown for the day.

Thank you to Ford Driving Skills for Life for the resources you provided today. The students loved everything. We had T-Shirts, Music Download Cards, Colored Autographs, Pledges, Certificates of Completion and much more. What so sweet was seeing students walk out in their DSFL T-Shirts and ask for my autograph on them. They were answering segment questions before we could even finish asking the multiple choice answers. The students engaged in that 30 minute video and honestly did learn new driving skills from it. Ford DSFL, you helped me save lives in NYS today. Your dedication to this topic is outstanding!!

As I sit here thinking about today, I feel so blessed with my family within the NYS Police.

Sgt. Miller has put so much time, belief and dedication into me, my story and my platform. You will find me calling Dave my 2nd father and I know I will for the remainder of my life. He has had the greatest impact upon my life and he truly is amazing!! Sgt. Miller's passion for this topic comes from the heart and I will be forever grateful. Dave, you have been heaven sent and I could not have asked for a better mentor than you. Your an angel!

To Trooper Campanella, Trooper/SRO DePlato and of course Sergeant Wilkinson - they have dedicated 5 weeks of their time into the preparation and review of this assembly. I am amazed at the patience, drive and devotion to making my dream a reality.
You have all played a vital role in making today's assembly a possibility. We reached over 1000 teenagers today....what an overwhelming experience and sensational accomplishment.

Trooper Moralis, thanks so much for jumping in today and helping make things run smoothly.
Capt. Lyons, so sweet of you to show up in support of todays assembly.

To the school board. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS! You had trusted my DSFL assembly to reach your entire student body. Most importantly, you entrusted me with over 1,000 Iroquois students. You display a true concern for your students ~ an ideal learning environment for our future leaders. Principal Kenney, thank you for all your patience and enthusiasm!!
Thank you for the OFFICIAL Iroquois Chiefs hat and T-Shirt. I'm proud to wear them.

To the parents that showed up to the evening assembly ~ Thank you. I know you will all reach an optimal level of influence in your young drivers life. You will be the one's making a difference in your teenagers life and their friends. Thank you for all the wonderful comments after the assembly. I enjoyed speaking to each and every one of you.

To my mother and father ~ I love you both so much. I was honored to have you both attend the parent's assembly. Mom, thank you so much for speaking from your heart. The parents truly could feel your pain of what it felt like getting that fateful phone call. God blessed me with the most amazing and supportive parents. Love you!

Lastly, the students. Each and everyone of you are amazing and I feel fortunate to have had the experience of meeting you, sharing my personal story with you and sharing Driving Skills for Life here in NYS for the first time. You respected me, gave me your full attention and understood that your actions do have consequences. Thank you for welcoming me into your school like you did. I am proud of each and every one of you!