A Six year old remembers my message

I just started with a new massage therapist and she has been wonderful! Her name is Erin.

When I went in for my appointment this afternoon, she said, "I have something to tell you. When I got home last night, my son pulled out his "take home" folder from school and guess what I found in it?"


Erin said that when she pulled the autograph out, she started to laugh and her son asked why.

Erin replied, she's one of my patients Dylan! He replied, I know why she's your patient mom.

Erin said, well why don't you tell me Dylan!

He replied: Mrs. New York was in a very bad car accident and she almost died BUT her seat belt saved her life! Seat belts are very important mom.

This was a 6 year old child that I had met at the "Operation Safe Stop" press conference.

I can not believe how impressionable young children are and hearing that story truly made my day.

That is one more life that I have made an impression during my journey.

Hearing that story was truly a gift!