Work, Work, Work & More Work

I felt so bad last night.
I was on my laptop @ the kitchen table when Apollo (my 1/2 husky) kept nudging my elbow. He was persistent until finally he layed on my feet staring at me. So, I asked him if he wanted mommy to sit on the floor with him and of course I got the puppy dog eyes. Needless to say, I ended up sitting on the floor working on my assembly stuff. Doug walked in and took pictures b/c he thought It was cute. Look how sad he looks! Doesn't he? My dogs are very emotional...wonder where they get it from...:-)
The last few weeks have been some of the most exhausting as I have put every moment of my days into learning how to build an assembly, building the assembly, researching teen driving, researching the parents information and of course the crazy proposal I worked on. It is exciting to recognize the wealth of knowledge I now have on the topic and the progress I have made.
It was tough considering that Sgt. Miller (who is like a 2nd father to me) was on vacation and I had to do everything without his input ~ which I am used to having!
Over the last 5 weeks I have:
Disappeared off the face of the earth while doing the below....LOL
  • Created my first ever proposal
  • Learned how to put on an assembly
  • Created a full 1 hour assembly for students
  • Created a full 1 hour assembly for parents
  • Researched Teen Driving inside and out
  • Researched Parents of teen drivers
  • Created a crash video for the assembly
  • Created a letter that was used as a mass mailing to all parents of the 800 students
  • Created a "Certificate of Completion" for my assembly
  • Created a "Pledge" for those at my assembly
  • Created a whole new set of autograph cards for this assembly
  • Created a set of T-Shirts as prizes to students at the assembly
  • Traveled back and forth to the School for meetings with the board re: the assembly
  • Watched video after video re: safe driving
  • Got a GPS Unit Sponsored by DeLacy Ford for the overall prize
I know every ounce will be worth it in the end and I am just waiting impatiently until Wednesday the 23rd when I finally see the end result!!