Miss Buffalo Pageant (MAO) 2009

Thanks to my newest and most amazing friend, Deanna Russo (of Crusade Against Impaired Driving) for joining me at the 2009 Miss Buffalo (MAO) Pageant. We had a great time and I have to say, thanks for listening to them announcing my name as we were in the ladies room...LOL... It's always great to have the spotlight on me when leaving the ladies room.
CONGRATS to Chelsea Prophet for capturing the title, congrats to the wonderful Kathleen Ang on first runner up placement and of course.....congrats to all of the young ladies on an amazing competition.

It's always wonderful to sit back and watch these young ladies so full of life, passion and appreciation chase after what only starts out as a dream. Everyone of these ladies are so well rounded and again, I thank the Miss American System for providing them with a spotlight to showcase their talents and beliefs to a larger audience. It's been so touching to watch all of them become polished women. I'll always remember giving them motivational coaching sessions, helping them with wardrobe and talent. In the end they blossom into woman who can do it all on their own. That's when I cry. My little girls don't need me any longer.............All I have to do is sit back and watch them compete.

Best of luck to everyone!

As for tonight's pageant, it was a great show!! The pageant was not going to take place this year BUT 6 weeks ago MaryAlice decided to do so. They had to get all the sponsors on board, let the gals know there was a pageant and so on. When I arrived tonight I was blown away by what MaryAlice and her group were able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

I was a Miss America contestant and titleholder back in the late 90's. It is just wonderful to see the passion of this organization continue on for generations. Especially Miss Buffalo b/c of what MaryAlice Demler has been able to continually procure.

My husband just said he hopes MaryAlice is still running the pageant 20 years from now so that our daughters can attend college the same way I did. MAO Scholarships....:-)