texting crash

"I was heading back to school and I was driving along route 5. I got a text message, I just looked down briefly and when I looked back up, it was a curve that I wasn't expecting," says Christina Curtis from her hospital room at ECMC,"I lost control of the car, swerved off the road and hit a tree."
Curtis, 20, from Williamsville, was driving back to SUNY Geneseo when she crashed."It was scary," she says. Her car slammed into a tree on route five in the Town of Pembroke. She called 911 and in minutes rescue crews showed up and brought her to ECMC.
"Over that five minutes are you thinking, God I shouldn't have answered it," asks Kristin Donnelly.
"Yeah, yeah, I just couldn't believe it. I mean (this is bad) but I do text when I'm driving and I never think anything is going to happen," Curtis answers. Last June five Fairport teenagers died in a car crash, on the same road, route 5, fifty miles from Curtis' crash. Authorities believe texting played a role in that crash, too. Kristin Donnelly asks, "Will you text and drive?""No, no never... never again," she answers. Curtis won't be able to drive for a while. She'll need surgery to repair her shattered heel bone and will walk with crutches for months.
"I feel really lucky," she says. She hopes others will think twice before they text and drive after hearing her story.
Lawmakers have proposed a bill that would ban texting and driving in New York State. It's in committee in the state legislature.